SECOND CHANCES (SYTYCW) 2013 Semi Finalist

Second ChancesLouisa

To Louisa, the idea of hope, is just that. An idea.

After a chance encounter, Louisa’s Cinderella story begins, and no fairytale is complete without a Prince Charming – enter handsome, charismatic gentleman, named Damien. And as he falls to her feet, Louisa prepares herself to ride off into the sunset.

Before Louisa can say ‘happily ever after’ the dreams she never asked for, disintegrates into a nightmare.

The girl, who once upon a time, couldn’t even conceive the notion of hope, has to find some for herself.

Cinderella has to sleigh her own demons from now on, starting with Damien ….

This story was my SYTYCW 2013 Harlequin / Wattpad contest piece, and would like to thank everyone who commented and voted. I made it into the top 25 semi finalists, thank you for your support.

### I intend self publishing the re-vamped / re-written version of this story with a brand new cover and a very different ending, in print and as an ebook towards the end of 2014 ###



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