Vision – by Angie Neto (Competition Entry)

The Well in the Garden

Vision - by Angie Neto (Competition Entry)

As she gazed into the well
Was not her reflection
She could see
But a vision of her future
Through the elements of time

Far beyond the here and now
Her soul has lived a thousand years
Scatterings of past memories
As they drift on by her
Through visions of dejavu

Her finger dips into her vision
A fragment of her imagination
Is it fantasy or is it fiction
Can she really be that person
Or is it just a fleeting glance
Of whom she used to be

Can this vision of dejavu
Be a dream or her reality
Or is it just an illusion
Someone else’s dream
Their past relived
Through infinite space

But all too soon her reflection
Is dulled by someone else’s vision
A face no longer hers she sees
She’s lost and gone forever
Replaced by someone new
Was her vision just an illusion

© 2013…

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