Best of Friends

Friends come and Friends goOminoreabc
But Friends we’ll stay forever true
You were the first to take my hand
To teach me to understand
This world that’s just a fantasy
A life lived through so many dreams

You touched my heart but never knew
The way you really made me feel
You kept your distance no matter what
The teacher and the pupil’s part
You’d never cross that unseen line
And set me free to fly alone

A chance encounter we met again
Now an adult in this game
I tried so very hard to be
The one to set your armour free
The chink I found beneath the metal
Too small for me to enter in

And just when you seemed to give
That little ray of hope within
You sealed up tight the tiny chink
And disappeared from every sight
You left me wondering what I’d done
No explanation you were gone

I travelled on without you
The loss I felt so angered me
I partied hard to forget you
In the arms of all too many
But then a gentle soul touched me
And brought me back from my despair

I caught a fleeting glimpse of you
Confrontation now laid bare
I felt betrayed and angry too
You tossed aside our friendship true
Could forgiveness ever find a place
Would your words erase this feeling

You spoke your heart and told me true
The reasons that you turned and flew
And even though I understood
There’s a still part of me that’s sad
For now your armour no longer hides
The heart you’ve given to another

But rest assured my dearest friend
Lovers we will never be
I love you now as my Friend
Tis far better than to lose you
As a broken hearted lover
We’ll always be the best of friends
For by your side I’ll always be

All I ask in return
Is that you never shut me out again
When things get tough don’t turn away
Talk to me and tell me true
What it is that’s troubling you
Together we can work through this


5 thoughts on “Best of Friends

  1. Friendships are difficult, sometimes. Especially, when it can be mistaken for a “relationship” on one or the others part. But, I know from experience that once that line is discussed and understood, you can still keep your best friend. 🙂 Very nice poem describing this topic. 🙂


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