Songs Are Beautiful – by R. Clyde Ericson

The Well in the Garden


Songs are such fleeting things

Ethereal and never seen
Wrangle on whispering wings
Soulgasmic giving dreamy beings

Did you see?
See what I mean?
Or can you see?
What I mean

For when you say ”you”
Can’t imagine being me
I can’t imagine being me
And I am me
How do you think I feel?

So these fleeting things
Will they bask in oranging Suns
Or flitter as dreams
For they truly are elusive Ones

So catch quick now
If you can
Or did you see?
Or hear only me?

For I am a song
Such as you
Is not difficult
In this song ’tis true

For when you hold your soul so full
For after all, are we not all?
And when you drink your soul so full
You Are A Song
Songs Are Beautiful

© 2013  R. Clyde Ericson
August 2013

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