Key Online Self-Publishing Tools, 4 Dreams That are No Longer an Extravagant Fantasy!

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Self publishing advice

The hope of a successful self-publishing experience seems about as realistic as the plots of some ill-fashioned fantasy novels. The costs associated with self-publishing have long held it out of reach for the average novice. How much money will you devote to publishing your novel? Make sure that your budget maximizes the use of all of the amazing free or inexpensive resources found online. Doing so will drastically reduce self-publishing costs. Encounter these new tools by navigating the destinations of a fantasy island that we will call Publisha. If you avoid the costly pitfalls and move your manuscript through each station, you will save hundreds of dollars at the journey’s end.

Destination One: The Wizard’s Desk

The first step of the journey is the one most often skipped, leading to failure at the end of the mission. Before you can write a novel, you need to read all types of…

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