A Faded Romantic's Notebook



I will tell you something.

A truth. 

From when I was young. When I was in my brave teens. When my soul was pure and I bled wild poetry. When I wanted more than I understood, and far more than I could define. 

When I was discovering that true beauty was both everywhere and yet impossibly rare.

And when I discovered that it was one thing to be able to attract, and yet quite another to attract that which one’s heart desired.

Unexpectedly I was almost spoilt for choice. But I wanted a certain girl. I desired a certain girl. I needed a certain girl. Someone beyond special.

So I dreamt of her. 

I invented a girl.

 She was beautiful  Heart-stoppingly, achingly, eloquently beautiful. She had a body to die for. Elegant, sensual, gorgeous curves, immaculate skin. She was smart, creative and utterly unique.

 She entered my consciousness and never…

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