I didn’t expect that bullet.

Here’s the deal. Writers, authors, artists, sculptors, musicians, singers – all lay their heart out there on the book shelf, stage or gallery. Bare, exposed, vulnerable. It’s a package deal. Unless you put on your big girl panties and deliver the goods, you’re just another wannabee.

The author’s first shock is the realization that even though your mother thinks you’ve produced the award winning creation, others (not people who love you) may tell you its the worst thing since a hundred years ago.

The second shock is when the publisher likes your work, but some members of the public write scathing reviews, and don’t mind cutting down the author along with the novel. Most every author has experienced the ‘one out of five’ amazon dark day.

The third and final shock is when that killing bullet strikes. That’s the day you receive a gut wrenching review from a professional. That…

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