Have You Met Your Spirit Guide?

Diving Scene Image of my spirit guide saving my life when I was drowning in a lake.

Maybe you believe in spirit guides, those beings we sometimes call our guardian angels. Maybe you’re not sure. What do you think about angels and guardians? Are they always looking out for our well-being, or do they allow us to make mistakes and love us anyway.

Can they be evil? Oh, now I’m not sure I want to go there. It makes sense, though. For every aspect of energy, there is the opposite. Are we sometimes drawn to the darker side, the Darth Vader within?

The Guardian’s Wildchild is a novel I wrote that explores the concept of spiritual beings and those who are on the flux of choosing good versus evil. They are awakening to the realms of higher energy. The Guardians (higher beings) call humanity the sleeping guardians, still unaware of our ancient heritage.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Met Your Spirit Guide?

    • Thanks Feather and you’re my favourite author. Loved The Guardians Wildchild and cant wait to read Forbidden when its completed. Your blog posts are always so helpful. Thank you.


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