Beyond Lust. Beyond Passion. Beyond Romantic Love.

For the incurable romantics, this post is a must read. Thanks Feather Stone for sharing.

dancingHave you experienced a moment that went beyond lust and passion?

I only saw the back of his shoulders, a hint of grey in his dark hair, perhaps a bit of his profile – one that would describe most average male white Anglo Saxons. He stood at ease, hands at his sides. I noted his casual clothes, items one could purchase at any middle class department store. There was no hint of cologne. No trace of style in his movements or personality in his carriage. He appeared so non-nondescript that I thought it odd that I even had noticed him at all. And then, I heard his voice. Deep and mellow.

As I continued to pass beside him, something startling shook me to my core. It was as if I had been absorbed into a current of erotic passion. It possessed me. My entire body lost its boundaries – both physically and morally. Sensations fired up…

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