Readers, Give the Author a Smooch.

Normally, when someone does something thrilling for you, the automatic response is to express gratitude – a ‘thanks’, a nod and smile, a smooch, a jumping up and down and exclamations of OMG, etc. If an author has touched you in places of the heart, or elsewhere, please do NOT do what I did for years.

Through the years of reading enjoyment, it never occurred to me to connect with the author and say how much I enjoyed their writing. I had this notion that authors were unreachable like movie stars, lived in posh homes by the seashore, and shopped in exclusive shops. Why would they want to hear from one of the thousand of readers?

I’m bekiss_zpsdafce633tting that even JK Rowling enjoys hearing from her reader fans. We all love to hear praise. Now that I circulate among author friends, I hear about their thrill in receiving a positive…

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