Review of Second Chances by Phoenix Rainez: There was no more her or him, just an infinite being of pure singularity

Second Chances
Synopsis: To Louisa, the idea of hope is just that. An idea. After a chance encounter Louisa’s Cinderella story begins, and no fairytale is complete without a Prince Charming – enter handsome, charismatic gentleman, Damien. As he falls to her feet, Louisa prepares herself to ride off into the sunset. Before Louisa can say ‘happily ever after’ the dream she never asked for, disintegrates into a nightmare. The girl, who once upon a time, couldn’t even conceive the notion of hope, has to find some for herself. Cinderella has to slay her own demons from now on, starting with Damien ….

Second Chances LouisaLouisanever failed to fascinate everyone with her natural ability to flirt dangerously with her surroundings, drifting through the rainforest like a woodland nymph dressed in neon greens and blues. She glided gracefully along the slippery, wet pathways, in and out of the trees and foliage, blending in as…

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