Miceal Ledwith – How Jesus became a Christ…

VERY INTRIGUING – but you do need to listen to all the video clips.

The Well in the Garden

Miceal Ledwith – an Incredible man with an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. Well worth some more research.

I hope you watched the videos in their entirety.  And I hope that your mind has been opened in some small way to how much more there is to Jesus and his life – and of course the more wider hidden knowledge that comes from what teachings Jesus himself would have absorbed in his own life and travels in Persia, India and Tibet.  Take some time now to think about it all and perhaps do some further studies.  Unfortunately I cannot find the next parts in the series but there are plenty of other videos out there to delve into this subject a little more if you so wish.  If you want to find out more about Miceal’s ideas about the evolution of consciousness you can find him at http://www.hamburgeruniverse.com/

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