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It’s after midnight and here I sit wondering do I write a blog post or update Tumblr or my FB page or do I knuckle down and write the next chapter of the story that I’ve had on hold for quite sometime?

So many words floating round in my headdaf5ac2a3d78be553d137657d6ad78e9
But none that make sense
All rubbish instead
The scene is perfect
To write the next chapter
The clock keeps on ticking
Echoing each minute I stall
The wind howls against my window
Shaking leaves against the wall
I know what they’re saying …
“Writing this blog post
Won’t help you finish
The story you’re still holding onto”
The clock keeps on ticking
The midnight hour almost gone
Soon the witches will scurry
Their spells now cast in a hurry7353b9efaf4a3fbc9b64c5e6fc42f33a
Vampires too will seek the dark
Before the moon gives way to dawn
And wolves will howl one last time
But still the clock keeps on ticking
The witching hour almost done
Yet not one word to break the ‘hold’
Upon the story I’ve not yet told
And so before the hour is done
I’ll try and end this midnight madness
Break the ‘hold’ and write I must
The heroine has yet to wake
From her deathly sleep
While the clock still keeps on ticking…




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