Much Ado About Wattpad – Is It Your Ticket to Success?

I started out on wattpad and still going strong. Have fabulous readers who are so supportive with their votes and comments. Met my beta reader and a fantastic editor there too. Have since connected with wonderful authors who have several books published on Amazon and all have been tremendously helpful with my journey into self publishing my first novel in December 2014.

DeAnna Ross

Wattpad - Your Ticket to Writing Success?

So, if you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve joined the website Wattpad.  I did this as an outlet for my fluff writing (writing I’m doing for fun and not for profit) and to… I’d like to think… get my name out in front of potential readers.  Why?  Haven’t you heard? Let me ask you, do you know these names?

Brittany Geragotelis, Anna Todd, Beth Reekles?

If you don’t yet, you probably will soon.  All of them are writers who started out on Wattpad and all of them were picked up by major publishing houses.  One of them recently was signed for a six figure deal that (I’ve heard it said – not confirmed on my part) also includes a movie deal on the horizon.

But is Wattpad really that big of a deal?  Are those of us who are just finding out about it…

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