Trolls likened to drug addicts


Researchers have found that Trolls get the same buzz from bullying and abusing people as drug addicts get from Heroin. When a Troll gets a reaction from their targets the massive rush of excitement triggers a surge of pleasure chemicals called endorphins and a chemical called Dopamine which then creates a need for more stimulus.  Alcohol can  make these surges diminish quicker which is why a Troll having a drinking session keeps stabbing at their targets to feel that surge repeatedly meaning they get a sense of power like a primal instinct of hunting. A Troll gets such  gratification from hurting people that it can be almost akin to a rapist getting sexual gratification from attacking some innocent target.

The narcissistic Troll reacts badly when either ignored or proved guilty so if they get rebuffed by the Authorities they will lash out. Their belief that they are always right means…

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