Romance Is In The Air Blog Hop

The Guardian’s Widchild by Feather Stone is a definite page turner. If you are looking for mystical, romance, intrigue and suspense then this book is a must. I loved it and do hope she will one day write a sequel.


 I am a Reader is hosting another exciting hop.

Romance is in the air 2015

Featuring Young Adult & Clean Adult Romance
February 4th to 14th

FeatherstoneHave a snoop around my corner of the romance world. You might find more than just a good looking fella. Uh huh. You lookin for a dude who’s quiet and moody? Or is your taste more toward the man in the white shirt who has that sly grin and smells oh so spicy? You tell me what you’re lookin for and I’ll send you to the right novel on my book shelf.

There is a caveat. I suppose you’ve  heard of ‘be careful what you’re wishin for.’ If you’re lookin for one of  my men, you had better have your big girl panties on. Uh huh. No, they’re not into erotic stuff, and you can bring them  home to meet your momma. But, sweetheart,  you’ll be a changed woman after just…

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