The Birds and The Bees, Victorian Style.

This is really an interesting look back into history.
Thanks Jean ♥

Jean Reinhardt

VictorianPostcardI thought I might post a fictional conversation that takes place between two of my youngest characters in the book I’m now working on. The setting is Victorian Ireland in the 1860’s and fourteen year old Mary-Anne is trying to get some sleep, in the bed she shares with her younger sister, Brigid, aged ten.

“Molly Sinnott told me that if you kiss a boy with your mouth closed you won’t get pregnant,” whispered Brigid, “I thought you had to do a bit more than open your mouth. I asked Ma and she said she would tell me when I was older. Then she made me scrub the bedroom floors for hanging about with the Sinnotts.”

Mary-Anne turned on her side to face her sister and spoke in a hushed voice. Neither of them wanted their younger brother to hear the conversation they were having, and the snores coming from…

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