And what do YOU have to say? – P. RAINEZ

Thanks for sharing my interview on Valentine’s Day Anita. Made my romantic side sparkle ♥

Anita's Haven

A romantic lady has joined me today to make this Valentine’s Day even more special. A tireless workaholic with a heart of gold, Phoenix will lure you into a world of heartbeats and kisses, spectacular scenery and passionate whispers. So put on your romance dress&tie, and read away into sunset.



1. What makes you want to write romance?

I am an incurable romantic, always have been ever since I was a child and read all those romantic stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and when I saw Romeo and Juliet in my teens, I was hooked into the world of Romance with a capital “R” So it was the most natural thing on earth for me to start writing romance stories of my own. Although I did start by writing romantic poetry first.

2. What is your personal favourite romantic couple of all times?

 Without a doubt it…

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