I was very fortunate to be sent an ARC copy of this manuscript and would like to take this opportunity to thank Best Selling Author, Jay Gray, for allowing me to read this story before it’s ready for publication.

To Swear By The Moon is brilliantly written using a concept I’ve never read before.

Intriguing is an understatement. The author, Jay Gray, captured my attention from the very first paragraph right up until the very last line.

I don’t intend to give away any spoilers, but a box of tissues will come in handy.

I was very impressed with how Jay allowed the reader’s own imagination to travel into the intimacy between the two characters. He touched on it so lightly, you knew it was there, of course it had to be there, but the details were always left to your own imagination.

Jay’s description of the two main characters was so well written that I could see them clearly. The emotions Gabrielle went through I felt in every word. I could feel the excitement of a fresh new love blooming when she met Devon and I could even picture him playing the piano when they first met. I could visualise their long distance texts and the excitement of their first kiss.

The narrator’s voice was so descriptive it held your attention through every paragraph and you hung on every word waiting to see their lives through his eyes, not that he had eyes. I won’t go into detail explaining this as the readers need to discover for themselves, this colourful dimension in which the story is told.

I must stress though that tissues are a necessity especially for those readers who cry at the drop of a hat…

This is an excellent story, written with sincere feelings and deep emotions.

Congratulations to Jay Gray for a novel worth reading. I do look forward to reading more of his work in the near future.

TO SWEAR BY THE MOON is not yet available to purchase. Watch this space for a book well worth adding to your collection.



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