LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – a short story

Love at First Sight

You never expect to meet anyone that will take your breath away at an airport, but I met Mark on one of those automatic walkways. I was rushing from one departure gate to another, dragging my luggage behind me, feeling flustered and rushed.

I was late as usual and ran along the walkway and yes, you guessed it, I lost my footing. As I came to the end of the ramp, the pointy toe of my shoe got caught and I fell onto my knees. Before I could even turn around, I felt a strong firm hand pull my foot out of my trapped shoe.

Someone behind him pushed the emergency button to stop the ramp and it was only after he’d wrestled my shoe out of the ramp that he looked up. My breath caught in my throat. His eyes were emerald green. His sandy brown hair fell forward over his forehead, and all I could think was, if this was my Prince Charming what a clumsy way to meet.

He lifted me to my feet, and when he asked me if I was alright, I swore a chorus of angels just sang. The muscles in his arms rippled as he supported me while I balanced on one, six inch heel. I was barely able to speak, and stammered that I was okay. He supported me while I replaced my damaged shoe.

When I put weight on my foot, a sharp pain seared through my ankle. I moaned and he quickly put his arm around my waist, allowing me to lean on him. I swooned and felt the blush rise up my neck when he looked into my eyes. I had never believed in ‘love at first sight’ but I was smitten.

My heart played a symphony of love songs as our eyes locked. I wondered if he could hear the music too. When he introduced himself, I could feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek. I almost forgot about the pain in my ankle, until I tried to stand again. I winced and without another word, he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the nearest chair, before going back to fetch my travel bag.

He hustled around and quickly found a wheel chair and a member of the first aid staff. After examining my ankle, she said that it was just a sprain and would organize for a wheel chair to meet me at the other end. My knight in shining armour wheeled me through the departure gates to the aeroplane. He lifted me out of the wheel chair and carried me to my seat. I was given a seat near the entrance and Mark sat next to me.

I could not believe my luck. My Prince Charming had carried me to my seat and just like in Cinderella, it was my shoe that had brought us together. We chatted comfortably, as if we had known each other for years. When he leant across me to help me undo my seat belt, I breathed in deeply, and he smelt like a walk through the woods on an autumn evening.

Arriving at our destination he picked me up and carried me down the stairs to the waiting wheel chair. I secretly crossed my fingers and hoped he would ask me out for a date. Although we had got on so well, he’d never mentioned meeting up together after our flight. He helped me with my luggage and wheeled me out through customs. All I could think about was why hadn’t he ask to see me again?

We cleared through customs and he wheeled me out into the crowd of people waiting for their passengers. A tall, leggy brunette ran up and wrapped her arms around him. Instantly my world crumbled around me and my glass slipper shattered.  My Prince Charming belonged to someone else….

To my surprise and relief he introduced me to his sister and with a smile that lit up his eyes, he asked if he could have my number.

~ ~ Phoenix Rainez ~ ~


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