#Read about Guest #Author David J.O’Brien

A Writers Journey from Rejection to Published is inspirational ….

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DJO'B 01I’m an Irish writer, living in Pamplona Spain.

I started writing poetry as a teen, (as you do!) and I have had numerous poems published in various places of the years. I never expended a huge amount of energy submitting poetry, however. Even now, I tend to keep writing more rather than spend time writing submission letters. Poetry for me is a release valve: something I need to do to get the idea out of my head and let me concentrate on the next one, or on fiction.

I started writing short stories not long after beginning with poetry. I needed a form to more fully develop some ideas. After a few, I got an idea about some werewolves which were no the typical werewolves of paranormal fiction. When I got the idea, it was in the late 80s, I was seventeen There wasn’t a lot of such fiction around…

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