The Phoenix


I draw my strength from the Phoenix Bird. To rise above all my writers blocks and editing curses,  to one day live my dream and be a best selling  author ….


2 thoughts on “The Phoenix

  1. I’m very impressed with your – is it called a ‘blog’ or website, properly, or are they interchangeable nowadays? I want to pick your brain PR:)) Also, it keeps asking me tyo lognin or join & I Think I already have? : )

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    • Hi Sloan its a blog post on my wordpress website. If that makes sense? And thanks for your kind words ♥ Of course you can pick my brain, don’t know if there’s much to pick but be my guest 😉
      Not sure why it keeps asking you to log in or join though, maybe check with Owain Glyn as he recently connected to me.
      You could also send a help request to wordpress and ask them why. They will be able to take a look at what is going wrong and advise you what to do.


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