Book Review – To Mum, Gifts from Your Soul

Pukah Works

A sweet ode to a mother… ‘My intention was to give a heartfelt gift to my mum, it also turned out to be the greatest gift I gave to myself.’

The first impression when I finished this heartfelt short book was that everyone should have it on their shelves.  Every mother, every child who has a mother, everyone.

Lexa has made a wonderful book that not only expresses what most children feel for a parent, but also provides pages for you to do the same with her words as an example.  This is one of those books that you can approach at any age, and it will have relevance for the reader.

There is an underlying theme of love and acceptance, yet that is not the main thrust of this book.  It is a thank you from almost any child to their mother for just being alive.  Lexa just found…

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