Guest Poet – Steve Kay

I am from Yorkshire, England. Married and have a daughter and baby granddaughter. I used to be a baker, printer and lastly a special needs teacher, a job I enjoyed so much.

I first found Wattpad while looking for some poetry to read. They say there is an app for everything so I searched the android site and found Wattpad. I started reading some poetry and one of the writers suggested I write a poem. This was something I had never done but I thought why not have a go. I am amazed at how popular my work has become and to date I have written ten poems.

You can follow me on Wattpad at


I hope he looks over here
although I’m in a crowd,
I hope he looks over here,
I could shout his name out loud.

I hope our first date goes well
and there are many more,
I hope our first date goes well,
I am in love for sure.

I hope this engagement lasts,
we’ve been together a year,
I hope this engagement lasts,
for him I’m always here.

I hope he turns up at church,
a nervous time for me,
I hope he turns up at church,
together we’ll always be.

I hope our baby soon arrives
and she is fit and well,
I hope our baby soon arrives,
he’s excited you can tell.

I hope our grown up daughter
gets on well in life.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~


I slowly open the graveyard gates
trying not to make a sound,
It’s one o’clock in the morning
and the spookiest place around.

I had missed my last bus home
so I walked this way instead,
I never thought I’d be so scared,
I wish I was in bed.

I came across a gravestone
for a person that died today
but how could that be written,
something’s not right I say.

It was then I started to panic,
the gravestone bears my name,
I need to get away from here
so frightened I became.

I soon realised I couldn’t move
no matter how I tried,
I was sinking into the ground,
next a coffin opened wide.

A voice suddenly spoke to me,
said thanks for passing by,
so nice of you to drop in
and release me, I must fly.

Now here I am all alone
in the silence of the night,
stuck inside a wooden box,
I’m the living dead alright.

The days and weeks just pass by
and again it’s getting late,
then I hear that noise I yearn,
the squeaky graveyard gate.

I just hope they visit my plot,
I sense they are getting near,
in a flash they are next to me,
I say “freedom, goodbye my dear”

~ # ~ # ~ # ~


The snow falls gently on the ground
in the middle of the night,
although there wasn’t any sound
everything was turning white.
It is the start of winter,
the coldest time of year
and for the homeless people
it is a time they fear.
They huddle up in doorways
trying to keep warm,
hiding from all nature has
and hoping they’ll see dawn.
Why are people like this,
it’s a failure of mankind,
while the rest of us move on,
they have been left behind.
Some were just like you and I
but whose bills they couldn’t meet,
they lost their jobs and homes
and ended up on the street.
So spare a thought for those
who have nowhere to live,
help them to survive winter
and give what you can give.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~


This story is about the wedding of Fiona and Robert, as told by Fiona …

Valentine’s day had arrived,
the happiest day of my life,
today was the day that Robert
would take me for his wife.

Our families enjoyed the day,
the reception full of laughter,
by the time they had all gone home
it was two o’clock or after.

Although it was our wedding night
I was tired and ready for bed,
but Robert didn’t want to sleep
he had other ideas instead.

Although I tried to protest
he threw me to the floor,
then I saw a side of him
I hadn’t seen before.

As the months and years went by
the more abusive he became,
he had turned into a monster,
I’d hang my head in shame.

Where was the man I used to love
whose love was pure and true,
he’d turned into a monster
and I sit here black and blue.

Valentine’s day is here again
but my love for him has died,
I cannot take much more of this
I hurt so much inside.

Robert is due home any minute
so I wait behind the door,
he staggers into our kitchen
and drunkenly hits the floor.

Behind my back I have a knife
so I stuck it in his chest,
I stabbed again this evil man
and put his life to rest.

Now I am in the court room
about to learn my fate,
the jury are out debating,
I feel in such a state.

Not guilty is the verdict,
the relief makes me feel weak
at last I am free of him
as tears run down my cheek.

So now I have my freedom
and hopefully a better life,,
I still have one friend to help me,
a good sharp kitchen knife.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~


Emily was such a happy girl,
she had everything in life,
a loving wonderful boyfriend,
she was soon to be his wife.

But then came news of a car crash,
and her boyfriend he had died
Emily’s heart was broken,
no longer to be his bride.

She left her home in tears,
she felt alone and sad,
how could she cope without him,
the only love she had.

As Emily walked across the bridge
she could hear the waters sound,
and that’s where her life ended
her body was never found.

This poem is dedicated to Milan


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