Yesterday I was going through a very “negative moment” one of those awful times I’m sure we all go through. You know the one I mean, that moment in time when you want to throw yourself in front of train, or jump off a bridge, or smash everything in sight. Maybe even stick your foot through the TV screen. Well I had one of those yesterday and my “smaxing” (smashing, amazing, extra-ordinary) Beta Reader pulled me through my ‘jump off the bridge’ moment.

I know right now you are thinking it must have something to do with my writing, but you are very wrong. It was a life moment! A dreadful negative feeling when you can’t see the sun for the tornado exploding around you.

So how did my Beta Reader, a person who edits your writing, help me get through this dark time in my life, you may be asking. Well… together we wrote a flash fiction murder mystery killing off the moment that was blocking out my sun. By the end of those couple of sentences the hairs on my head no longer frizzed out like I had just put my finger into an electric socket and that “negative moment” had successfully been dispatched.

frizzed hair


What has that got to do with a dishwasher you may be asking yourself? The “negativity” was shoved into the dishwasher and firmly shut with the temperature turned up to 100. Alibi firmly set in place with all evidence mopped up without a trace…

I woke this morning feeling light as a feather. The sun smiled down on me and the tornado left no sign of damage.

Now just to put your mind at ease, the said Dishwasher was not hurt during this incident.



If for some reason you should ever need to scroll through a writer’s search history, please don’t panic, they are not planning a nuclear explosion, the next tsunami, or presidential assignation. It is merely research for their upcoming novel. The same to be said for a writer’s note pad or mobile phone memo. Pictures, maps, rough notes are all a process they follow to write that next best seller. So rest easy your writer is not planning to murder everyone in their street.



Now I must thank my “smaxing” Beta Reader, Jae, for helping me find a unique solution to the negative moment’s life may throw at me. Am I planning to write a murder mystery titled ‘Death by Dishwasher’ mhmm not really? I am a ROMANCE NOVELIST and yes people do die in my stories but no one has yet been murdered.

Thank you Jae-C my stories would not come to life without your nit picking editors voice and thank you for helping me find a new way to work through those “negative life moments” that tear my emotions apart.



5 thoughts on “DEATH BY DISHWASHER

  1. At first I was worried you were beginning to fixate on household appliances, now, however, I am relaxed that it was just a writing aid. I have been having a secret relationship with my pen for years. shhh, don’t make that public. :)))

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