I have totally lost the plot today. Lacking inspiration !?!


I had all these amazing words I wanted to write while in the shower but who keeps pen and paper hanging in the shower for such emergencies?  I dare any of you authors to say you do ???
Feeling on top of the world with all these new ideas tucked firmly in my head and then it happened ….
A hawk took down a little bird right outside my bedroom window. I was stunned. My bedroom window looks out into a communal garden on a built up town estate. I have seen hawks hunt  while travelling but never actually seen it make a kill and to witness this outside my window, was unbelievable.  Yes I was sorry for the little bird but it was too late to save it. Did I get this on camera?  The moment I moved to pick up my phone the hawk saw the movement and took off leaving the dead bird behind.  I waited patiently for him to come back but alas.
I have just noticed the bird is gone so he must’ve come back to claim his kill while I was busy.
Memorable moments you are thinking. So why am I feeling as flat as the pussycat?  All my inspirational words discovered in my shower have flown away, just like the hawk. Now I am left with this empty exasperated Monday feeling.
Apart from that I am a live-in-carer looking after the elderly with dementia – 24/7 for 2 weeks at a time. I am writing this post while taking my only 2 hour break at work and it has been a very trying day.  I look forward to my breaks as that is when I lose myself in my writing or reading, but today I have zilch inspiration. So on this Monday I feel like my flat pussycat and hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
How is your Monday going?


11 thoughts on “I have totally lost the plot today. Lacking inspiration !?!

  1. Hate when that happens. Maybe authors should buy a set of those colored bath crayons and write ideas on the wall. Then copy them to paper once you dry off. My Monday has been all levels of technology failings, so I hope you’re doing better.

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