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A classic love story and the very first “Adult”  romance novel I read  way back when I was 15 and had to hide the fact from my mother . Back then “Adult” books were just that – for adult reading only!
I would sneak it off my mother’s book shelf ,  which was of course behind closed doors and read a couple of chapters when she wasn’t around, returning the book back to its exact place before she noticed. I patiently waited for the next private opportunity to continue reading.

This was the start of my romantic obsession not only with novels, but films and poetry and  it’s no small wonder that today I find myself writing my own romance novels and poetry.

SECOND CHANCES was my debut novel into the publishing world and MOMENTS OF LOVE will be my first Poetry Anthology coming soon to Amazon.

THE COLOUR OF LOVE my fantasy romance will hopefully be published in time for Valentines Day in 2016.

Keep an eye on this space for my future romance novels –
The Gypsy Painted Me
Dawn Paige Grey (sequel)
Twilight Embrace (series)
His Collar She Wore (sequel)

All are written just need serious editing !!

If there are any avid readers out there who would like to read and review an ARC copy of SECOND CHANCES please  email me at

SECOND CHANCES also free to read on Kindle Unlimited – links


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