My first poetry book publication

Moments of love paperback copy

Coming soon to Amazon

Each poem tells a story of love, sometimes sad, sometimes happy but always touched with romance.

Here is a sample poem from my romantic poetry book and the poem which carries the book’s title.


 I stand before you heart in hand

But you don’t see the way it beats

Every time that you are near

You cannot see the way I feel


I long to hold you in my arms

And whisper words I need to say

But maybe this is not our time

And patient I must stay


You are the one I adore

Although we parted for a time

No fault of yours but mine

I never closed the door on us

Always hoping this day would come


Now once again we share these moments

Each more precious than the last

I reach for you, you take my hand

And in your arms I am once more


Can you erase the hurt I caused

And love me one more time

Or when the day is done

You’ll wave and say goodbye


Will you laugh when I cry

And watch you walk away

All the moments of love we shared

Now just a memory


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