purple dreams

I dreamed a dream of sailing ships

In seas of purple pink and blue

The sky a watery hue of colours

Folding into each a pastel blue


The deep purple of the sea

Sinks deeper than you can see

The wonderous colours of the deep

Hidden mysteries they hide and keep


Hypnotised I feel I am

By the purples I barely see

Slowly slipping from the side

I slip into the depths below


Sinking beneath the colours deep

I slide into the inky blues

Falling underneath the spell

Of purples pinks and blues


Time has no meaning here

Down deep inside this purple hue

The colours fade into my skin

My hair a shining shade of blue


I ride upon the purple waves

On seahorses dressed in pink

My purple tail floats just above

Each wave that breaks in blue


I turn to see the purple sky

Fade into darkness out of sight

My eyes wide open now I see

A purple dream gone out of view


Was it just a dream I dreamed

When I slipped into the sea

My hair now tinged in softest blue

And lips a purple colour too

 (copyright) Phoenix Rainez

(picture from Pinterest)


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