My Review of HARD TO FEEL FREE by Author Mandy Thomas


After reading Book 1 – Hard to Feel Whole, Book 2 in the series Hard to Feel Free did not disappoint. The author took you through the highs and lows of Jake and Abby as they struggled to put their lives back together and start really living free after the disturbing court case. Just when life seems to be running on an even keel for the two love birds another unexpected turn drops them back down, struggling to come to terms with more sorrow. The Author’s descriptive writing puts you right in the scenes of turmoil Jake and Abby experience. You can’t help but cry with them and rejoice when happy moments find them wrapped in each other’s arms.

Intimate scenes are tastefully written and there are many to keep the romance between our two love birds sizzling hot. I look forward to following their story in Book 3 – Hard to Feel Strong.

You will most definitely fall in love with Mandy Thomas’s “Hard to Feel” series and every page of her books will leave you wanting to know more about Jake and Abby and what their future holds in store for this young couple.


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