Blood Moon — September 27, 2015 (Con’t) (2 IMAGES)

Thank you Amy for taking these photos, especially as I missed it 😦

Heaven On Earth



Guys, I can barely see right now.  I honestly don’t know if these images are as clear as they can be.  I shot hundreds of shots tonight and of all the images, chose these two to show you.  Please forgive my tired eyes.  I did my best for you.  I hope you really enjoy, especially those of you who were not able to see this phenomenon as I was so Blessed to see.

The Blood Moon was shot approximately 10:30pm EST.  The first image was shot about 9:30pm EST.

Good night, my friends.  I’m crashing.

Photography/ “Blood Moon — September 27, 2015 (Con’t) 2015©AmyRose

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5 thoughts on “Blood Moon — September 27, 2015 (Con’t) (2 IMAGES)

  1. Thank you, Angie, for the reblog. I am very touched my images brought to you such an historical event. I was blown away by what I saw. I took approx. 300 frames. Then my neck and upper back said no more, and I finished. ❤

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    • Thanks for commenting sloanranger. Sadly I missed this experience due to overcast and foggy skies where I was on holiday and thrilled amyrose was able to capture this amazing spectacle and shared it.


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