My Book Review of Hard to Be Strong


Hard to Be Strong is the companion novella in the Hard to Feel Series which I purchased for my Kindle. This story pulls you into the lives of Joey and Callum, Abbie and Jake’s best friends from the previous books in this series.

To say I was not prepared for the surprising twist in this story is an understatement. The Author draws you into the inner conflict of Joey’s conscience as she struggles with a secret she has held onto for five years.

All through this story you feel the absolute passion and love Joey and Callum share. They’re inseparable and you believe in a happy ending for them. Joey’s secret knocks you off your chair and you are left speechless and heartbroken as you watch the couple’s relationship teeter on the rocks.

I don’t intend to give any teasers away here so you will have to read this heart stopping romantic novella to find out what happens, while I am left hanging by a thread waiting for the next book in this series. “The Hard to Feel” books by Mandy Thomas are a definite for you book shelf or Kindle.


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