In Love with Love


Across the sands of time we fall in love, but are we really in love, or just in love with the idea of being “in love” ?

Moments of Love is my first poetry anthology and yes every poem tells a story of love.
Feelings we succumb to in the heat of the moment when we say I Love You but are you really “in love”?
Who knows what love really is or how we are supposed to feel.
For each of us Love means something different.  No one feels the same as the next person who falls in love. Our feelings have different depths and different meanings.
When you give your heart to another you trust they’ll do the same. You love with every fibre of your being and make beautiful music together. Your sky is always filled with rainbows.
But truth be told there is a cutting edge to all this loving feeling …
When hearts are broken your rainbows turn to stormy skies.
So what is this thing called LOVE? Who can explain why this four letter word that fills us with such beautiful feelings can also cause so much pain?

Moments of Love Will take you across feelings of joy and sorrow as you turn each page and share feelings of love that many may be able to relate to.

If you would like to leave a comment of your idea of love please do. I’d love to know your thoughts on “Love” and what it means to you.


10 thoughts on “In Love with Love

  1. Friend, I am in major quest mode, going deep within, reading books, seriously questioning many aspects of my life and how to bring them all under the canopy of love. I look forward in reading your book. Love, Amy ❤

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