I would like to introduce you to my upcoming novel – a love story that changes scenery in the blink of an eye. Imagine if you will for a moment, you are having a beautiful dream and suddenly it’s gone and you’ve woken up…

 My imagination ran wild and free with this fantasy romance and I hope readers will allow their imagination the freedom to explore the dreams of Cherrie and Cole.

The cover is still a work in progress and this is a picture from one of the dream scenes

TCOL bubble_006


A fantasy romance set in a world of dreams.

Through a strange twist in time two total strangers wake up in a world far removed from their own. Catapulted into each other’s dreams, Cherrie and Cole meet in places never imagined before.

The first time Cherrie kisses Cole in her dreams, her heart tells her he does exist in the real world and she won’t give up searching till she finds him. But the secret that lies within in her could turn their dreams into nightmares.

Can the love they found in the land of dreams really exist in the real world or are dreams just fantasies never destined to come true?


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