#WEP: Youthful Frights vs Adult Fears

Feather Stone is an amazing author. I’ve read her first book The Guardians Wildchild a fantastic read and know her new upcoming novel Forbidden will be a tremendously exciting read, packed with action, adventure and romance.

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Youthful Frights vs Adult Fears

It’s Halloween, and time for scaring family and friends. The truth is nothing much frightened me during my childhood; well, except for my mother’s bad temper. I could escape. I’d get on my horse and ride all day long, disappearing in fields and following trails along the river. When I returned home at sundown, she was just content to see I’d not become victim to a mountain lion or thrown and trampled by my horse.

Halloween’s Good Witch …. maybe.

Living in the remote side of nowhere, there was no opportunity to dress up in a scary costume and threaten neighbors. It wasn’t until middle age that I finally got into the spirit of Halloween. However, I decided to favor the good witch who protects humanity from the evil goblins and warlocks.

Actually, I think I ended up looking more scary than the evil spirit lurking about Halloween…

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