Before You Take a Picture, Consider This

One World, Two Feet

I met Juhan Kuus five days before he died. 

He was a thin, wiry man with a thick South African accent, regarded by many as one of the greatest news photographers in the world.

He fearlessly documented South Africa’s brutal civil war at a time when journalists could be jailed – or worse – for trying to tell a story.

And he knew what the harder side of life was like. Despite shooting iconic images like the one you’ll find below, Kuus was living in a homeless shelter by the time I met him in a magazine office in Cape Town.


It was an ordinary Tuesday. I had seen his photos before I met him but hadn’t worked up the courage to call him. As an aspiring photojournalist, I was incredibly intimidated by him.  

But as I leafed through paperwork and Kuus flicked through pictures with my editor, I could…

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