Do you give credit to the right person?

Reblogged from Jean’s Writing (Jean M Cogdill) The comments are worth reading too.

Jean's Writing

I checked a few books, ask a few writers and then made my own decision.

I acknowledged the talented lady who drew the illustrations for my first published children’s book. Ashley Bauer.

The following article confirmed I did the right thing. Sort of. I felt acknowledging Ashley was right because I’ve always believed in giving credit where credit was due. Without her, my book would have lacked color and spice. 

colored-pencils-374771_640Thanks to that added color and spice I received a glowing review from Readers’ Favorite. “.. An engaging and entertaining story laced with humor…. The illustrations are adorable and they complement the author’s words nicely, breathing life into the scenes. “ 5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite 

I’ll be the first to admit my book would’ve looked naked without suck adorable illustrations. I guess it’s true one picture is worth a thousand words.

Just as we want readers to love…

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