I have spent the last two and a half months studying eight courses for my position in caring for the elderly. It was a stressful time as the pass mark was 8O% but I did pass every course and passed my final exam with 98%


Having put all my editing and writing on hold during these past two months, I am finally getting back into my writing.
If time is on my side between working and family I hope to publish two books this year.

THE COLOUR OF LOVE which was put on hold for far too long. A fantasy romance where two strangers meet in a very unusual way. Through an unexpected electrical mishap they are linked together in a dream world.
This story is in the editing process and thanks to my very patient Beta Reader is being tossed, turned, pulled apart and rewritten to perfection.
I will be dropping pictures and excerpts of the story as editing progresses.

The second book I hope to publish at Christmas is my illustrated children’s story book which my Grandson helped me write. It’s a cute little story about a golden duck, no title as yet. I am hoping my Grandson, who is eleven will do the cover art for me.

So now begins the task of ploughing through chapters and searching out every detail, typo and plot hole and rewriting / editing to perfection to make it an enjoyable read.


** All pictures are from Pinterest **



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