REMINDER – If you are already in my #Blog #Authors Hall of Fame…

Our friendly big Ape, Chris has made an amazing offer to all writers out there in bloggers world.
If you haven’t followed his blog, you definitely should. A very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable blogger. You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to be his Hall of Fame. A positive way to get your name and work out there and encourage more people to follow your blog. I definitely have attracted great new readers and friends from being connected to Chris.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

This Authors Platform also intended to help you remind people that you and your books still exist…


Once you haveappeared as a Guest Author, you can submit further articles about any subject you’d like to share, providing they’re Family Friendly.

There is no restriction to how often you make further such appearances, once per month is a recommended minimum, but not mandatory.

Why do I recommend that authors who have already been guests, send me further articles about topics they’d like to share, or “HowTo’ informative articles?

It helps keep them (and subsequently, their works) in the public mind and eye, especially if they have them posted regularly, e.g., once per month.

It gives authors the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their writing talents are not just limited to the books and stories they’ve already written.

It’s much more effective than constant spam-like “Buy My’ campaigns…

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