Writing, Editing, editing … e d i t i n g



This will be me when I have finally finished editing my fantasy romance novel due for release this year … but don’t ask when !! Editing has turned into rewriting and juggling chapters around.

So if I seem rather quiet / spaced out my mind is boggling at the task ahead of me. Now it’s back to the drawing board for me or should I say computer screen…


12 thoughts on “Writing, Editing, editing … e d i t i n g

    • Have been struggling with editing this story. All the rewriting and juggling of paragraphs and chapters blew my mind and lost the plot for a while. Now I am back in the groove and heading for the finish line. ( fingers crossed)


  1. Truer words have never been penned. My first novel, even though in the psychological suspense romance genre dealing with serious societal issues, centered around characters who were writers, but all in different aspects of the industry. I was able to weave into the story all of what I was feeling in seeing it through to the end. With rewrites, it became integral to the plot. 8 books later, I still feel this way. Each book is an adventure!

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