Fantasy Romance Novel


 A fantasy romance from the land of dreams. 

loving silhouettes in sunset (series C)

In the real world Cherrie and Cole are struggling to find answers to questions they can’t answer. Cherrie’s poor health and insomnia and Cole’s nightmares and grief over the unexpected death of his wife, give them reasons to seek help from a sleep clinic.

 Through a strange twist in time these two total strangers meet in a world far removed from their own. A world filled with unbelievable beauty, they travel through places only ever seen in dreams. Dreams they appear to be sharing.

 Their first kiss in this land of dreams opens their hearts and leads them to believe they can and will find each other in reality. But there is a secret that lies within Cherrie which could turn their dreams into nightmares.

Can the love they found in the land of dreams really exist in the real world or are dreams just fantasies never destined to come true?



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