The Colour of Love – extract teaser

“Sa…rah… No! What have you done? Oh God please let her be alive.”

Cole dropped to his knees beside his wife. As he turned her face towards him the blood spurted out from the gash in her neck, spraying up into his face. “Sarah… Why?”

Losing My Love

A gurgling sound came from her throat as blood oozed out from her mouth. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Cole felt the bile rise up his throat and he wretched. The vomit gushed out of his mouth over his wife’s body. When he put his hands down on the floor, Sarah’s blood oozed through his fingers. He looked down and saw he was kneeling in a pool of blood. As his hands disappeared beneath the red sticky mess he screamed.

“Cole, Cole, wake up.” Natalie kept shaking her brother till he woke up.

(copyright 2016) Phoenix Rainez

My fantasy romance THE COLOUR OF LOVE coming soon to Amazon.  Will be available in Kindle format and paperback.



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