Butterfly Kisses 2

His lashes brushed against my cheek

A touch as soft as butterfly wings

I opened my eyes but no one was there

A dream or my imagination

A vision of things to come

Was my soul in tune with another?

Does his heart speak to mine?

Of a love so pure and divine


Two souls on two different planes

A thin line between life and death

I touch the head stones as I walk by

Drawn to a stone empty and bare

No name, no date, nothing is there

In a barren grave unmarked

A body lies there unknown

I lay the lily that I brought


MY silent tears fall on the soil

I cry for the soul of this unknown

Will he find peace, what was his fate?

Are his family all gone, does no one care?

I rest my head upon the empty stone

Sharing love and light with his soul

To send him on his way

A better place I hope he finds


Why am I drawn to this head stone?

No meaning it holds for me

But yet each day I’m here to lay

A single white lily on this unknown

I kneel before the cold grey stone

And brush the sand away

Again I feel those butterfly wings

As lashes brush against my cheek


Each day I come I feel his touch

I know he loves the lily I leave

The weeks have come and gone

And winter chill now fills the air

But still I come to feel his touch

I love him now you see

His soul has spoken to my soul

And patiently he waits for me


I’m weary now and lay my head to rest

Upon the bed of lilies that have gathered there

I feel his gentle touch as my eyes begin to close

A butterfly kiss upon my cheek

He lifts me up into his arms

His soul touches mine with loving words

You’re home now, safe with me


I look back and see people cryingtombstone

Tears of sorrow round the unmarked grave

No one cared before but me

Why now do they shed a tear?

I look upon the head stone

No longer empty I can see

Engraved in black, deep in the granite

No other name but mine…


* pictures from pinterest *



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