The Miracle of the Web

Just had to reblog this post. Anita is a warm hearted caring lady and a gifted writer. If you haven’t read any of her books, now is the time.

Anita's Haven

More often than not we are warned about the dangers of internet, and I too have warned and will go on warning about them. But there are times when you just have to stop and think about its miracles, too. They are also opportunities to learn and grow.


Through the intricate, jungle-like mazes of twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, wordpress, etc., I have also met so many wonderful people, kept in touch with so many friends and colleagues (I would probably have lost contact with otherwise), that it is simply astounding. Friends and family always have a special place in my heart, close or geographically distant, and they know that. We keep it to ourselves and cherish the moments.


Professionally, the www universe has also made a huge impact on me. Joining some teaching groups has expanded my social skills, teaching repertoire and professional network (Eslprintables takes the lead here…

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