My Review of THE HEALING TOUCH by Angelina Kalahari

The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch is a beautiful story and although fiction there is a truthful element here. Marriages that last twenty years plus often lose their spark and passion. Isabel’s marriage was in this phase with her husband who she loved dearly and would never leave. Her Marriage was a safe haven of friendship with the man she married. A dependable companion, but the intimacy was missing. Those passionate moments once shared now replaced by a fond hug and nothing more. Isabel did not realise how much she needed those passionate moments until she met her friend’s mechanic. Angelo was the ultimate Greek God that woman in their fifties fantasise about.

The opening paragraphs of this story had me thinking her dearest friend and soul brother was her long lost love, but of course Angelina Kalahari turned the tables and took me on a trip of mystery and suspense. My nerves were on edge reading her late night escapade playing detective in dark buildings.

I can honestly say I hung on every word she wrote, taking me on a journey I can only hope there will be a sequel to. My only complaint is it finished too soon, I wanted more. I do hope the Author will consider writing a Book 2.

I look forward to reading more beautiful stories from Anglelina Kalahari, a talented and very interesting lady.


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