Meet Louisa from SECOND CHANCES

I thought readers might like to know a little more about Louisa, the main character from my novel SECOND CHANCES. This is her back story.

Red hair woman sitting on grass at the park

Louisa is a young naive 16 year old who was orphaned at birth. Found in a Catholic Church by the cleaning staff, wrapped in an old pink blanket. Her name was written on a piece of paper that was tucked inside her blanket. She was handed over to the nuns, who ran the orphanage and school attached to the church.  

And so Louisa started her life under the strict rule of the nuns, not only in her home environment but at school too.

Growing up in an orphange is never easy, but when you have ginger hair and freckles you are the brunt of teasing, as Louisa discovered. One day after gym class she was seen in the shower by a group of children who had teased her on numerous occasions for her curly orange hair. Naked and afraid she suffered harsh treatment at the hand of bullies. Afraid to say anything she locked this incident inside herself.

It quickly spread through the school that her ginger hair was noticeable on other parts of her body too. Their mocking laughter brought her to tears and dissolved any shred of confidence and self esteem she still had.


Beautiful red hair woman lying on grass at the park


Like any young girl she dreamt of a Cinderella romance where her Prince Charming would sweep her off her feet and they would live happily every after.





Portrait of beautiful red hair woman.

When she turned sixteen she was allowed to go out and look for work. After finding a position as a trainee seamstress in a fashion boutique, the nuns agreed to let her leave the orphanage before she turned eighteen. She moved into the flat above the boutique which came as part of her work package.



Red hair woman sitting on grass at the park

As she grew up her ginger hair darkened to red and became her crowning glory.









Portrait of beautiful red hair woman.

It was her flaming red hair and her peach and cream complexion that caught the attention of a photographer and her world suddenly spiralled into a new dimension.

Read SECOND CHANCES to follow Louisa’s story.

A Cinderella romance that will tug at your heart strings.




Available as an eBook or paperback


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