Are you a reader / author who writes reviews?

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Amazon appears to use your social media connections to detect “relationships” with other reviewers or sellers that might indicate manipulation of reviews. Unfortunately, this system is imperfect, and often flags innocent accounts and prevents them from writing any reviews for particular sellers/products. When this happens, you will get a message that you are blocked from writing a review because you have a relationship with a seller.
Go, RIGHT NOW, and double-check your Amazon account to make sure they’re not linked.
1. Go to

If either Facebook or Twitter is connected, click “Disconnect from Amazon”.

2. Now check periodically to make sure they stay disconnected! These accounts have a funny way of relinking themselves (for example, Amazon reveals that they can be linked “when you participate in certain promotions”) without you realizing it. I check mine every few weeks to make sure it hasn’t inadvertently reconnected.

3. If you ever want to share a link, share it directly by copying and pasting the link. Do NOT use the buttons Amazon provides to “share to Facebook or Twitter.”


47 thoughts on “Are you a reader / author who writes reviews?

  1. Thank you. Amazon doesn’t seem to mind censoring individuals from posting reviews for having ‘relationships’ with authors but will NEVER ban reviews paid for by big publishing houses even when they appear on Amazon. Evidently, Amazon feels there is no ‘relationship’ if the professionally paid reviewers are working for the big corporate publishing houses.

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  2. Thanks for this! A few months ago, I wrote my first ever negative review on GoodReads, and to my horror, it popped up on FB! I usually only write reviews of books that I think are top knotch, and leave the less exciting ones alone. I deleted the post on FB and have disconnected the two, but am ever fearful of such traps. So thanks for this advice! And ,,, I’ll never write another scathing review!!

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    • Welcome Anne. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      I never write negative reviews. If i don’t like the book i don’t write a review and may contact the author personally if there was any typos etc i picked up or if I felt they should know why i won’t be writing a review.


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  4. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    This was reblogged by The Story Reading Ape from Phoenix Rainez and is worth reading. if you have your Twitter and FB accounts attached to your Amazon account you may be blocked from reviewing books if Amazon detects communication or contact between you and the author. Authors review other author’s books.. we are readers first usually and that is what we do. Amazon should be ferreting out paid for reviews not spying on their customers and the providers of their sales products.

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  5. It’s all very well Amazon wanting to censor reviews like this and trying to be clever about relationships, but what do they really know? Only that you may have had an internet exchange with a person you’ve probably never met. How does that make the views expressed in a review any less genuine?
    At the same time, whilst Amazon are quick to share sales data between their different national branches, they don’t share reviews. If you want readers in America to read a review posted from UK or Europe, you have to post it separately on the .com and .ca branches and vice versa. Without doing that you are effectively missing 50% of potential readers. So why can’t Amazon do this automatically like sales data? They have been asked, many times, but simply never do it.
    You make a good point about Facebook and Twitter links. Thanks for the warning.

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