Then maybe you’d enjoy reading my poetry anthology




 available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback



Each poem is a story of love, hearts broken and secret lovers. Follow my poems into a world of dreams you wish would come true or cross the line of a dominant lover.  Step into a fantasy or a paranormal romance, where naïve innocence is seduced.

Here in my poems, is where I escape to different times and places, losing myself in someone else’s life. Here is where my stories I write take shape. A poem is the map, my guide, which will often lead into a full length novel.

So many writers have a plan and write down a guide as to where and how their next novel will proceed, I use a poem. My whole story is mapped out in a few verses from start to finish, leaving me enough room to play and develop the lives of my characters to capture your attention.

If you do read MOMENTS OF LOVE please let me know what you think and write a review. As writers we thrive on reviews, it is the best compliment you can give an author.

Details of updates on my future novels can be seen on






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