My Guest for August is …

I’d like to introduce you to my very pretty guest, Karen Rowe, a very talented young entrepreneur who started her own business baking cakes. 



 How old were you when you first started baking cakes?

I was 16 when I started Karen’s Cakes, although I have been baking from a young age.

 Who first taught you to bake?

My Grandmother used to bake our birthday cakes and usually had some crazy request from us such as Sweet shops and the bugs life etc.

Where did you learn the art of icing?

I didn’t really Learn any icing technics from anyone, mostly all self-taught.


Do you use any kind of moulds for your icing or is it all done freehand?

I only use moulds for lettering, other than that I make all the figurines free hand, it’s just like playing with play dough. Fun 🙂


What made you decide to go into business baking cakes?

I finished school just after O levels and had no idea what I would do. One of my mother’s friends asked me to bake and decorate a cake for her three children. Looking back at the first cakes I made I sure have come a long way, which just proves that practice truly does help. After making that cake I thought I would advertise and see how it went. I never really thought I would get a name for myself.

I did take a year off in 2010 to go across to Northern Ireland (where I was Born) to work in a bakery and attend Tech, where I did a cooking course. I was 18 when I worked in Northern Ireland, and funny enough was employed to cook in the bakery. Meals such as lasagne, pasta bake, coleslaw and much more. I did however make 3 themed cakes while living in Northern Ireland, for friends and family. Tinkerbell and Bob the Builder where popular then.

How long does it take you to complete icing a cake like the BABY SHOWER cake?

The baby shower cake took a day to Ice, once you get going it comes together nicely. I did however bake the cake the day before and mould the flowers the night before to let them set and dry.



I know you have just recently got married. Who made your wedding cake?

I made my wedding Cake. It was a rich fruit cake full of fruit, nuts, marzipan, Rum and all the trimmings 🙂 I made it a couple of months before and then iced it about a week before the wedding.



This is the link to Karen’s Cake Page


And before you decide to place an order she lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.

You may ask how do I know this talented young lady? Karen married my handsome young nephew Jason Rowe on 23rd March 2016 at a beautiful setting in Zimbabwe, Pamuzinda Game Park and had their reception at Chengeta, about fifteen minutes drive from Pamuzinda in Harare.


They met when she was twenty, four years ago in July and became friends and their relationship blossomed into love. I wish this beautiful young couple all the success in the world and many happy years together.

They are presently building a place of their own, a container home, and I am intrigued to see the before and after pictures which I will share with you when it’s completed.

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