My Review of MORIUM by S.J. HERMANN


Having just finished reading the Kindle version of Morium Book 1, I immediately bought Book 2 Dark Horizons by S J Hermann. This story deserves a 5-star rating as it deals with bullying amongst children at school, both physical and verbal. Made me realise that verbal bullying can be just as damaging as physical, to the point where the child will self-harm.

The author draws you into the anguish of Nathan and Lexi as they struggle to get through each day facing their tormentors and how a walk through the park gives them the incredible powers to either do good, or seek revenge on the bullies in their school.

S J Hermann’s detailed description of how Nathan chose to use his powers made me cringe and had me hoping his friend Lexi would not follow the same path.

As I finished reading the last page, I was thrilled to see Book 2 was available on Amazon and bought it immediately. An excellent read and can’t wait to start Book 2, Dark Horizons in this Sci-Fi Trilogy.



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